Journey From Pleb To Degen NFT Collector

Navigating The Cusp Of The Ridonkulous NFT Bubble

3 Aug 22The Next Meta

With the bear market, free mint was a trend that passed, and then came generative art. What exactly makes a trend and what could the next trend be?

In my opinion, the product must be right; more so, it's contingent on market conditions and market participants, which is pretty hard to gauge and time. Here's what you need to consider about the next big trend.

20 Jul 2022– Have We Bottomed Out?

Looking back at the 2018– 2019 crypto winter, and then the bullish turn in 2020, the signs are similar to today but we might not have turned the corner yet. In fact, I contend the recent ETH rally will be short-lived and discuss some factors that should be present to trigger the next bull run, and why we might see prolonged pain in the time being.

Where To Start

Most people will ask, "Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a digital JPG? "

That was what I thought and believed, until I dived into the NFT Rabbit Hole. The space has been so fascinating and allows you to get started from many angles – that's also how I've structured this blog to offer three different perspectives to help you get started. A word of caution: You will be hooked.

Start here if you aren't sure about cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, crypto wallets, or assets.

The must-knows if you plan to speculate and/or HODL through the next decade.

The dark side of NFTs and why your non-fungible assets might be more worthless than you think.

About Enneth T

In the depths of the 2021 NFT blackhole, some people saw the light; others remain confusticated and bewildered. Is VISA's 49.5Ξ Punks purchase a marketing stunt or pure genius? How about Stephen Curry's 55Ξ Bored Ape?

Enneth T is a passion project started to share the insights and discoveries as we dive deeper into the NFT rabbit hole. Objectivity is an illusion, and our presentations will be biased, but we offer three different views – you pick your poison.

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